Rajinikanth’s ‘Basha’ Experiences In A Book!

Superstar Rajinikanth is a true star of the film industry and his fan base is in the many millions, thanks to his excellent acting style and impressive screen presence. Everyone has their favorite movie about Rajini, but most of us would agree that perhaps no ne can equal his phenomenal performance in ‘Basha’. The dialogue ‘Nenu okka sari chepte vanda sarlu cheppinattu’ has stuck with the public for so long, it can even be heard commonly used today.

This movie was directed by Suresh Krishna. He has now penned his experiences while working on ‘Basha’. The book will be released in English, Tamil and Telugu languages. In English, the book will be titled ‘My Days With Basha’. The book can be expected to hit book stores and stalls sometime in November. This book will give us an in-depth account of behind the scenes experience for the director.

The news has been greeted enthusiastically by fans of Superstar Rajini as well as film enthusiasts.