RGV meets Devineni Nehru

26th, February 2016 - 11:40:34 AM

It is well known that film maker Ram Gopal Varma’s next will be a violent tale based on the erstwhile Vijayawada politics. The film has been titled Vangaveeti and there has been a huge buzz surrounding the film for obvious reasons.

Amid threats and warnings, RGV reached Vijayawada yesterday as part of his film’s research. Just a while ago, RGV met Devineni Nehru, the descendent of the Devineni family and interacted with him about the intense rivalry between the Devineni and Vangaveeti families.

RGV earlier stated that he will also meet the members of the Vangaveeti family in the next two days. The regular shooting of Vangaveeti will kick start in Mumbai in June. The introductory posters of the film’s main cast, the Vangaveeti brothers, have created a lot of buzz already.