Star heroine’s big fight with Prabhas

27th, February 2017 - 04:00:57 PM

Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut is well-known for her audaciously outspoken nature. This national award winning actress acted in Prabhas-Puri Jagannadh’s Ek Niranjan several years ago.

In her recent visit to Hyderabad to promote her latest outing, Rangoon, Kangana made a surprising revelation. She said that she and Prabhas had a big showdown on the sets of Ek Niranjan and didn’t even speak to each other for several days.

Ek Niranjan completed but Kangana and Prabhas discontinued their friendship. However, Kangana days she is quite happy for Prabhas’ fame post Baahubali and hoped that even Prabhas must be feeling the same about her success in Bollywood.