Story is more important than money: Tapsee

When you are a movie star, people usually tend to associate you with the roles you star in. The beautiful Tapsee is aware of this fact and she says that the hero of the film and story are more important to her than money. “People first ask me how much money I was offered before signing a movie contract. My decision to perform in the movie or not is not dependent on the amount of money but on the hero and the story! Nobody should forget this important point” she says.

Commercial success seems to be playing hide and seek with the actress. When asked if she thought about this, she said “Tell me, who is it that decides whether a movie is successful or not? I might like a movie and agree to perform in it, but you may not like it right? But when I agree to a movie, there is definitely going to be something special in it. Once a film releases,I quickly try to shift my attention to another movie and give it my full”.

Tapsee is soon going to be seen in ‘Shadow’ and ‘Gundello Godaari’. Let us hope she enjoys the success that she deserves with these forthcoming releases.