Sundeep Kishan offended by incorrect news

15th, June 2014 - 02:35:50 AM

Actor Sundeep Kishan, has expressed his displeasure over the latest news that was making rounds in the media. Apparently, other actor with the same name Sundeep, of ‘Jai Bolo Telegana’ fame, was caught while driving in inebriated state.

People have been mistaking Sundeep Kishan to this Sundeep and have gone ahead and started circulating news on his name. An angry Sundeep Kishan got upset and urged the media to double check facts before reporting.

“Act a lil more responsible pls..when the drug racket came out they started using visuals from Prasthanam..atleast mention below pls. Especially don’t want my family getting calls in the morn..m a responsible citizen & will always remain so..request u to b specific pls,thnx”, said the actor.