Teja’s unique feat in discussion

Director Teja, who once made numerous blockbuster films, has been struggling to regain his lost glory for a long time. Most of his recent films have been disappointing ventures at the box office and the director is once again testing his luck with his upcoming youthful flick, ‘Hora Hori’. The director, who is known for his innovative ideas, is once again turning heads with his latest feat.

For ‘Hora Hori’, Teja has teamed up with all Telangana crew, a first ever feat in Telugu Cinema. For the film, Teja hired close to 100 cast and crew members belonging to the newly formed Telangana Film Employees Federation. Apparently, this move has also helped Teja in cutting down the production cost.

‘Hora Hori’ stars debutant actors Dilip and Daksha and the shooting has been taking place at a brisk pace.