Tollywood to reach the magical 200 mark

9th, December 2014 - 09:10:55 PM

In what can be termed as a never before record, the Telugu film industry will soon cross the magical mark of 200 straight Telugu films released in a year. As many as 180 straight Telugu films have been released until last weekend, and with three more weekends to go before the year winds up, the magical figure of 200 seems to be an easy affair. This number will phenomenally rise if the huge number of Tamil, Hindi and English dubbed films are considered.

Over the last few years, Tollywood has seen a drastic rise in the number of films produced in a single year and the numbers are quite high when compared to its Tamil and Hindi counterparts. Even though the success ratio of Tollywood is below par, the spirit and zeal of Tollywood filmmakers needs to be appreciated. Let us all hope that better days are awaiting Tollywood in 2015.