Vangaveeti Yuva Sena threatens to intensify protests

26th, December 2016 - 08:18:54 AM

During the entire making and the audio launch event of Vangaveeti, director Ram Gopal Varma sought help from Vangaveeti Yuva Sena, a group of followers of slain Vijayawada politician Vangaveeti Ranga, based on whose life RGV made Vangaveeti.

Today, the Vangaveeti Yuva Sena alleged that RGV cheated them by not portraying Vangaveeti Ranga in good light by not showcasing the social work he did. Ranga’s fans alleged that RGV shot a few scenes showing Ranga as a hero, but omitted those scenes during the editing, which made Ranga’s character look like a dreaded villain.

The Vangaveeti Yuva Sena members demanded RGV to delete those scenes immediately and include the scenes showcasing Vangaveeti as a noble man. They went on to warn RGV of intensifying their protests if those derogatory scenes are not deleted at the earliest.