Veerappan’s wife lambasts RGV

Released as a New Year treat, Ram Gopal Varma’s Killing Veerappan made a huge splash in the media with a handful of controversies thanks to its controversial theme. The film, however, failed to set the box-office ablaze.

Surprisingly, six months after the film’s release, dreaded sandalwood smuggler Veerappan’s wife V Muthulakshmi chose to break her silence about the film. Muthulakshmi alleged that RGV portrayed her husband in a poor light and appealed to the public not to watch the movie.

“As a wife, only I know his personal life. I really do not know how this film director has made this movie,” Muthulakshmi said. Muthulakshmi also wondered if the makers could have dared to distort the facts had Veerappan been alive.