Vidya Balan was given Padma Shri, but not Savithri, SVR

Firebrand actor and filmmaker R Narayanamurthy has once again lashed out at the central governments in his typical outrageous style. Speaking at Dasari’s condolence meeting at the Film Chamber today, R Narayanamurthy demanded the centre to confer the coveted Dada Saheb Phalke award on Dasari.

The People’s Star said that the North Indian politicians always showed a cold shoulder to the South Indian artistes and technicians. “They gave Padma Shri to Vidya Balan, but ignored our legends like Savithri and SV Rangarao. Everyone in the film industry must unite and pressurize the centre until it announces the Phalke to Dasari,” R Narayanamurthy said.