Vishnu runs into NTR in Bangkok

Manchu Vishnu, son of Collection King Dr. Mohan Babu, has run into none other than Young Tiger Jr NTR in Bangkok. Both the heroes are in Bangkok to shoot for their films. “In Bangkok for DKR (Dhenikaina Ready) song. Met up with my brother Srinu Vaitla who is also here for his movie with Tarak. Also bumped into Tarak after a long time.Still the same.Glad a few things never change.V Happy to c him so much in luv with his wife! ” , tweeted Manoj.

Action sequences of NTR’s ‘Baadshah’ are currently being filmed in Bangkok while Vishnu’s ‘Denikaina Ready’ is also having its shoot in the country. Mohan Babu’s family has always had a very good relation with Jr NTR and this accidental meeting between the two stars seems to have brought them both a lot of happiness