Vishwaroopam gears up for release in TN, Kamal relieved


Kamal Haasan finally has a reason to smile after a long time. His latest film Vishwaroopam which was banned by the Tamil Nadu Government is expected to release shortly after Kamal Haasan and leaders of 24 Muslim groups reached to an amicable settlement. Few days ago, Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister had clarified that the film was banned only because there would have been a law and order problem and she asked Kamal Haasan to speak to the Muslim groups to settle the issue.

Yesterday, Kamal Haasan who flew down from Mumbai to discuss the issue with the Muslim leaders spent nearly six hours trying to reach a mutual agreement. Buzz is that he has agreed to edit seven scenes from the film. He’ll convey his decision to the government today and also withdraw the case from the Madras High Court. The film has to be recensored and after that Kamal Haasan will announce a new release date for the film. Except for Tamil Nadu, the film has released in rest of the country and Kamal Haasan has been getting good reviews for his performance and direction. Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy had composed the music.