Voter will bring me the superstar status: Vishnu Manchu

Hero Vishnu Manchu is keenly awaiting the release of Gayatri, also starring his father Mohan Babu. The film is hitting the screens on February 9 and Vishnu is aggressively promoting the movie.

In a latest promotional interview, Vishnu said that his market will increase multifold after the release of his three upcoming movies – Gayatri, Achari America Yatra and Voter. Expressing utmost trust in Voter (Kural 388 in Tamil), Vishnu said that the film will bring him the superstar status. “If Voter connects with the audience, it will be a blockbuster like my father’s Assembly Rowdy,” Vishnu said.

While Gayatri is directed by R Madan, Achari America Yatra is helmed by G Nageswara Reddy. Finally, Voter is being directed by Karthik Reddy. AAY and Voter will hit the screens in summer and in the second half of 2018 respectively.