Will Kirrak Paty recreate the magic?

The Kannada film, Kirik Party became a runaway hit and brought a lot of name to all those associated with it. The freshness of the film impressed many and this made way for AK Entertainments to remake it in Telugu.

The film is up for a release this Friday and we need to see whether the film will create the magic that the original did. The makers have worked hard and have been promoting the film for a very long time.

Also, Nikhil will be seen in a college comedy after a very long time and because of this, there is also a very good buzz for the film. Now that the exam season is getting over slowly, we need to see how much this film will impress the youth.

The original had some very quirky comedy and decent emotions and we need to see whether all this will be recreated well in Telugu. For now, things look set for a good release and let’s hope that the film becomes yet another big hit in Nikhil’s career.