Will Panjaa’s “A” rating have an impact at the box office?

Since his debut in 1996, Pawan Kalyan has but a maximum of 2 or 3 films which have been given an “A” rating. Before Panjaa it was (Komaram) Puli. The actor is quite popular among the kids too and the A rating has come as a surprise. At PVR cinemas there was a minor scuffle today morning when the guy at the counter said that he would not issue tickets for two children. The parents obviously did not expect this. The wife was heard muttering that “Nenu anukolaedhu”. Well that in a nutshell seems to be the general feeling. Not many expected a Pawan movie to be like Panjaa. For Tollywood’s “A” list heroes, “A” certification is rarity. Chiranjeevi, old timers recalled was quite upset when Khaidi was awarded an “A” certificate and tried to reason it out with the director (Kodanda Rami Reddy) to get a few scenes deleted so as to at get a UA certification. Chiru obviously knew that movies would fare better if families could watch as a unit. The producers of Panjaa have taken a big risk by making the movie out of bound for kids.