Will RGV get away with an apology?

23rd, July 2017 - 11:16:55 PM

Yesterday, director Ram Gopal Varma landed himself into trouble when he penned down a controversial post about the drug scandal on his Facebook page. RGV criticized the way the SIT is handling the celebrity inquiries. RGV also mocked the Excise Department Director Akun Sabharwal.

RGV’s comments naturally angered many in the police department. Members of the Retired Excise Officer’s Association filed a complaint against RGV at the Abids Police Station as per the Excise Act. They lashed out at RGV, saying that his comments were questioning the integrity of the Excise Department and vowed to send RGV to jail.

Feeling the heat, RGV quickly appeared on a news channel and tendered an apology to Akun Sabharwal and the Excise Department. RGV, in his typical style, tried to defend himself saying that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone with his comments. But, will RGV get away with an apology?