“World needs more genuine human beings like Pawan Kalyan,” Renu Desai says

13th, April 2014 - 08:00:21 PM

Renu Desai, who was once married to Pawan Kalyan, has finally broken her silence about Pawan Kalyan. Although the duo got separated few years ago, they still maintain a healthy relationship. Despite all this, Renu Desai was miffed with the behaviour of some people who kept harassing her with a series of question about her relationship with Pawan Kalyan.

To put an end to all the controversy, Renu Desai posted on her Facebook page saying, “First time after my Maa TV interview i am going to comment on him on a public platform. Mr. Pawan Kalyan is truly one of the most genuine and true human beings on this earth. The most generous, kind, humble and clean hearted human being. What happened in our personal lives only we both know and no one in this world has any right to comment on it.But he is one person I truly respect and admire for his sheer honesty and his struggle to do something for the society. I have always supported him and will continue to support him because the world needs more genuine human beings like him. There are people and then there is a person called Pawan Kalyan.”

Her status message has gone viral on Facebook. Well, that message from Renu Desai should convey the message loud and clear. Let’s wait and watch what happens next. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan is busy contemplating how he should take Jana Sena Party forward and he’s expected to start shooting for his next film later this summer.