Yet another director in Balayya’s 100th film’s race?

The nonstop buzz surrounding Nandamuri Balakrishna’s prestigious 100th film gets even more interesting with the latest inclusion of Krishna Vamsi to the list of probable directors who will helm this landmark film. Apparently, Balayya recently met Krishna Vamsi and requested him to come up with a suitable script.

Even though this is a mere speculation, it will surely be one hell of a film with the coming together of the two talented giants once the project materializes for real. Incidentally, there were several reports about a project in the combination of Balayya and Krishna Vamsi several years ago.

It is well known that directors like Singeetam Srinivasarao, Krish and Anil Ravipudi are in the race to direct Balayya’s 100th film.