Review : 2018 – Engaging survival thriller
Published on May 26, 2023 8:00 am IST
2018 Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : May 26, 2023 Rating : 3.25/5

Starring: Tovino Thomas, Lal, Narain, Aparna Balamurali, Kalayirasan, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Kunchacko Boban and others

Director: Jude Anthany Joseph

Producers: Venu Kunnappilly, CK Padma Kumar and Anto Joseph

Music Director: Nobin Paul

Cinematography: Akhil George

Editor: Chaman Chakko

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Recently released Malayalam film ‘2018’, starring Tovino Thomas in the lead role, has created a sensation at the box office worldwide. The Telugu version of the movie has hit the screens today. Check out our review to know how the film is.


Anup (Tovino Thomas), an ex-soldier, fears death and leaves the army. Mathachan (Lal) and his son Winston (Narain) make a living through fishing, while Koshy (Aju Varghese) drives a taxi for tourists. Ramesh (Vineeth Srinivasan), an IT employee in Dubai, faces relationship troubles with his wife in India, and Sethupathi (Kalayirasan) from Tamil Nadu agrees to transport explosives to Kerala as a truck driver. The floods devastate Kerala in 2018, and the story follows the protagonists’ struggles and the impact of the crisis on the people of Kerala. How did they survive this massive disaster? The movie has all the answers.


Plus Points :

Few films have the ability to engage and take viewers on a journey with the characters, and ‘2018’ is one such movie. The story is simple, with no major twists and turns, but what makes it great is its well-crafted characterizations and narration.

Director Jude Anthany Joseph presents a storyline that touches the heart. While the characters may confuse viewers in the first half, the director’s intentions become clear as the second half progresses. He narrates the story engagingly, and his portrayal of emotions is heartwarming, making viewers feel the on-screen happenings.

Tovino Thomas deserves praise for accepting this script despite not being the protagonist. His character arc is well-designed, as he transits from fearing death to becoming a brave man who fights against the odds to save several individuals. Lal, who plays Mathachan, delivers a standout performance as a fisherman who takes a significant step to help thousands of people survive the devastating floods. Narain and Kalayirasan also leave lasting impressions with their decent performances, while the rest of the cast performs well in their given roles.

In addition to the story, the film’s terrific camera work and extraordinary background score create a tense atmosphere, especially in the second half of the movie. They contribute significantly to the film and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


Minus Points :

One of the issues with ‘2018’ is that it showcases very little about the role of the government and the media during the tough times of the 2018 Kerala floods. Although the director’s key intention is to promote humanity above all, he should have also highlighted the work of the media and government during the crisis.

Aparna Balamurali, who is a known face in the film, has very little screen presence, which is a big disappointment. The director should have written more scenes involving her.

The first half of the movie may confuse viewers as the director focuses more on the characters and their issues than on the main plot. Some of the characters, such as Tanvi Ram and Gauthami Nair, have no significant impact on the plot and it may leave viewers feeling unsatisfied. Although the film has some flaws, they are negligible, thanks to the emotions that make viewers forget everything and keep their eyes glued to the screen.

The director could have made the story more interesting by creating suspense by showing more scenes related to the damage to the dam.


Technical Aspects :

Jude Anthany Joseph should be commended for filming a realistic story that showcases the fears of different individuals and their ultimate decision to stand up for their fellow humans during a natural calamity. His screenplay is also good, particularly in the second half, where he realistically portrays people’s emotions.

The film is a technical marvel, thanks to the wonderful contributions of composer Nobin Paul, cinematographer Akhil George, and the entire production design team.

The editing by Chaman Chakko is okay, but he could have removed a few scenes in the first half to make ‘2018’ a better experience. The production values are good, and the VFX work creates a thrilling atmosphere. The Telugu dubbing is also decent.


Verdict :

On the whole, ‘2018’ is a well-made film that evokes emotions and thrills viewers. The excellent performances by Tovino Thomas, Lal, and Narain, the brilliant score and the cinematography are the film’s strengths. Except for a few unnecessary scenes, the film has many high moments that will keep viewers immersed in emotions. You can watch this movie without any doubt this weekend. Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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