Review : Konaseema Thugs – Passable action thriller
Published on Feb 25, 2023 3:04 am IST
Konaseema Thugs Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : February 24, 2023 Rating : 3/5

Starring: Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simha, Munishkanth, RK Suresh, Anaswara Rajan, Sarath Appani, PL Thenappan

Director: Brinda

Producers: Riya Shibu and Mumthas M

Music Director: Sam CS

Cinematography: Priyesh Gurusamy

Editor: Praveen Antony

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Konaseema Thugs, directed by popular choreographer Brinda, has created a huge buzz with its teaser and trailer. The action thriller hits screens today. Let’s check out how the movie is.



Some unexpected circumstances make Seshu (Hridhu Haroon) land in the Kakinada district jail. There, he meets Dhora (Bobby Simha) and Madhu (Munishkanth). Seshu plans to escape from the prison along with Dhora and Madhu with the help of a few other inmates. Why did Seshu want to leave the jail? Did he succeed in his escape plan along with the other inmates? Who are Dhora and Madhu? What’s their backstory? Did they face any problems during the process? Konaseema Thugs has all the answers.


Plus Points

After the debacle of Hey Sinamika, renowned choreographer turned director Brinda comes up with a new film which is quite in contrast with her first film. After watching Konaseema Thugs, one will wonder and ask, “Is it really directed by Brinda?” Yes, she helmed the film and wowed everyone with her direction.

The story written by Shibu Thameens is predictable at times, but what makes it interesting is the neat screenplay. Performances-wise, youngster Hridhu Haroon gets the lion’s share of the screentime. He delivers a neat performance as a lover who goes to any extent for his love. His character and realistic performance are one of the major highlights of the movie.

Bobby Simha and his performance need no introduction. Like in every movie, he gets a nice role. As a senior inmate, he delivers his best and ably supports Hridhu throughout the film.

Munishkanth is a big relief in this serious action thriller. His comedy timing is so good and he evokes laughs when the film is running on a serious note. The other actors Sarath Appani, and RK Suresh excelled in their given roles.

The action sequences and their choreography are so realistic. The men behind those thrilling scenes need to be appreciated for their excellent work. The camera work and background score made the scenes look more intriguing. The dubbing is so good and it gives one the feeling of watching a straight Telugu movie.


Minus Points

As mentioned above, the story is quite predictable. The plot reminds us of a few prison escape movies. For the unversed, this film is an official remake of the 2018 Malayalam hit, Swathandrayam Ardarathriyil (Freedom At Midnight).

Female lead Anaswara Rajan looks beautiful, but she didn’t get much scope to perform in this film. Her character has not much importance in this flick and the writer could have written a few more love and emotional scenes between her and Hridhu Haroon.

The second half is a bit dull compared to the first half. This kind of film needs strong emotions and this is where Konaseema Thugs fails big time. From start to end, the film runs on a serious note and it lacks proper emotions. If the writer developed more detailed and compelling backgrounds for the main characters, it would make more sense in terms of their strategy to escape from prison.


Technical Aspects

One needs to appreciate director Brinda, as she proves that she can handle action films as well. Though this is her second film as a director, she helmed it so well. The cinematography by Priyesh Guruswamy and the background score by Sam CS are the major reasons why the film is so engaging.

The stunt masters Phoenix Prabhu and Rajasekar realistically designed the action sequences, which are intense and make audiences glue their eyes on the screen. The production values are fine.

The art department and costume designers need to be appreciated for their excellent work. Editing by Praveen Antony is okay and he could have chopped off a few unnecessary scenes in the second half. The crisp runtime is a big boon for this film.



On the whole, Konaseema Thugs is a massy action thriller that works big time because of the fine performances by Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simha, and Munishkanth, as well as its technicalities. Barring a few unnecessary scenes in the second half, the film is a decent watch for fans of crime thrillers. However, the film may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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