Review – 300 : Rise of an Empire – Blood Lust Quencher
Published on Mar 6, 2014 11:01 pm IST
300-Rise-of-an-Empire-poste Release date : 07 March 2014 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Noam Murro
Producer :Gianni Nunnari
Music Director : Tom Holkenborg
Starring : Sullivan Stapleton,
Eva Green

‘300: Rise of an Empire’ is one of the biggest releases at the Box Office this Friday. The film has a strong following in India and it was premiered today in Hyderabad, a day ahead of release. Can the film live up to the hype? Let us check it out


The Persian King is killed while attempting to conquer Greece at the city of Marathon. The king’s son Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) vows to take revenge on the Greeks. With the help of his father’s trusted Commander Artemisia, he soon mobilises a mammoth army and marches on towards Greece.

Meanwhile, the Greeks squabble among themselves about the defence strategy. Thermistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) argues for a united defence but the stubborn Greeks decide to mount separate campaigns. King Leonidas of Sparta marches off with 300 of his soldiers to meet Xerxes.

Meanwhile, Thermistocles battles with Artemisia and his navy, in a bid to defend the city of Athens. The mighty Persian navy is too much for Thermistocles and his small fleet to handle. The Greeks decide that honour and freedom are more important than their lives. What happens in the end? That is the story of ‘300: Rise of an Empire’.

Plus Points :

Eva Green is the star of the film and she just dominates every other actor. She has managed to cleverly blend charm and evilness into one single persona.

Sullivan Stapleton has done a good job as thermistocles. His scenes with Eva Green are a special attraction for the movie.

The film has some superb fight scenes and VFX work is top notch. 3D effects are also really good, with plenty of blood and weapons coming onto the viewer in 3D style.

The film’s climax block has some great stunts, especially the one where thermistocles takes a horse and jumps onto the enemy ships. The open ended climax also leaves a lot of room for a Third part in this series.

Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) and other stars of the original 300 are seen in a few scenes

Minus Points :

This is not really a sequel for ‘300’ so don’t expect to see characters from the film too often. In fact, this story has an entirely different setting.

The heroism seen in the first part is missing in this movie. There are no incredible ‘hero elevation’ sequences like in 300.

There is too much bloodshed and some of the fight scenes are extremely violent. Crows eating eyes from dead bodies and heads being severed ruthlessly are a bit too much to handle for many people.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is a big asset for the film and the editing is also pretty good. Background music is excellent.

From a director’s perspective, it is very clear that this movie is going to have a sequel and the screenplay has been written for that. Direction is ok

Verdict :

300: Rise of an Empire is an entertaining and extremely violent movie. It can be called a blood lust quencher. Action cinema fans will have a good time at the theaters with this movie and Eva Green is a special bonus. However, don’t go in expecting to see a real sequel to ‘300’. rating – 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team



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