Review : David – Unrelated tale of two Davids
david2 Release date: 15 Feb 2013 Rating : 2/5
Director : Bejoy Nambiar
Producer : Bejoy Nambiar, Sharada Trilok
Music Director : Modern Mafia, Bramfatura
Starring : Vikram, Jiiva, Tabu, Lara Dutta

Vikram and Jiva have teamed up together for the movie ‘David’. Both the heroes have a decent market in Telugu and the movie has been dubbed for release here. The film has been directed by Bejoy Nambiar. Tabu, Lara Dutta and Nasser have played key roles in the movie. The film deals with the lives of two Davids. Is the film good? Let us find out?

Story :

This a tale of two Davids, who do not have any connection whatsoever. One story is set in 1999 and this David (Jiva) is a guitarist. He comes from a middle class family and his father (Nasser) is a compassionate church father. David gets an unexpected offer that has the potential to transform his career and his life. At this point of time, local MLA Malathi Devi (Rohini Hattangadi) instigates some riots for her own selfish gains. David loses everything in the process. What does David do after this? Does he realise his dream of becoming a famous musician? That forms the story of the first David.

The second David (Vikram) is a fisherman from Goa and his story is set in 2010. His fiancee elopes with someone else just before marriage and a heartbroken David turns to alcohol for relief. His friends Frennie (Tabu) and Peter try their best to console him but to no avail. David comes across Peter’s girlfriend Roma (Isha Sharvani) and unexpectedly falls in love with her. He finds himself in a huge dilemma since it is now love vs friendship for him. What does this David do? That is his story.

David 1 and David 2 run into each other in the end. Why do they meet? That is the story of this film ‘David’.

Plus Points :

Vikram’s characterization is partly funny and partly tragic. He has excelled in showcasing these two emotions well. Jiva has also performed very well as a young guitarist.

Nasser and Tabu have turned in classy performances. Isha Sharwani looks very glamorous and she has performed well as a deaf and dumb heroine. The ‘shivam’ song, which keeps cropping up in the background’ is pretty good. The film’s short run time of 2 hours is definitely a blessing in disguise.

Minus Points :

The movie’s pace is very slow and there is not much depth in the plot. There are many loopholes and the director was not able to effectively get his point across. The two Davids meet in the end, but that scene fails to make any impact whatsoever on the viewers because of the way in which it was handled.

Some of the scenes from Jiva’s story look quite silly. Especially the attacks on the MLA and the local Don.

The film is very low on entertainment quotient. If you go in expecting some good comedy, grand locales and rich visuals, you will be sorely disappointed. There are some blunders in dubbing and these errors make the scenes look very bad.

The romantic track between Vikram and Isha Sharwani could have been better. The film suffers from a lot of Tamil nativity.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography by Ratnavelu and PS Vinod is good. Srikar Prasad’s editing could have been better. Production values are just about ok. Music is not upto the mark but the background score is effective.

Bejoy Nambiar fails as a director with this film. He could not convey his intentions effectively and crisply.

Verdict :

David is a film that falls flat on many counts. A slow pace, lack of entertainment for the casual movie lover and a generally unappealing narrative make this film tough to watch. Vikram and Jiva have turned in good performances but they are not enough to rescue this movie. Rating – 2/5

Reviewed by Rag’s

(Translated by Emmess)

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