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Review : Laddu Babu – Disappointing Film
laddu-babu-review Release date : April 18, 2014 Rating : 2.25/5
Director : Ravi Babu
Producer :Rajendra Tripuraneni
Music Director :Chakri
Starring : Allari Naresh, Bhoomika, Poorna

Allari Naresh and Ravi Babu have teamed up for the comedy film, ‘Laddu Babu’. The film has been produced by Tripuraneni Rajendra and Chakri has composed the music. Can Naresh and Ravi Babu recreate the magic of ‘Allari’? Let us check out the review and find out.

Story :

Laddu Babu (Naresh) is a very obese guy who lives with his father Kishtaiah (Kota Sreenivasa Rao). He is often the target of many jokes and satires because of his obese avatar and he silently bears them all. Kishtaiah has an ancestral property that can only be sold when Laddu Babu gets married.

Kishtaiah tries his best to get Laddu Babu married, but he is not successful. Meanwhile, Laddu Babu befriends a kid named Murthy. He becomes good friends with Murthy and his mother ( Bhoomika). He also falls in love with a girl named Maya ( Poorna ).

Laddu Babu realises that Maya is not interested in him and he is heartbroken. He desperately tries to cut down his size and for that, he is willing to do anything. Why does a kid named Murthy get close to Laddu Babu? What does Laddu Babu do, to reduce his size?

That is the story of this movie.

Plus Points :

Allari Naresh has tried his best to carry the film on his shoulders. He has done well as the obese guy. Poorna is just about ok in the role of Maya. Bhoomika has performed brilliantly and she is one of the assets for the film. She looks good in the role of a single mother.

Venu Madhav’s deleted scene should have been in the film. It was played during the end credits, but it is easily the best part of the movie. A few sentimental scenes in the climax are good. Kota Srinivasa Rao is ok as Naresh’ s father.

Minus Points :

This is a very foolish and illogical movie. There is absolutely no conviction in the plot and there are many unexplained gaps. In the initial stages, the reason for Naresh’s obesity is given as a bite from a rare mosquito!

After a weight loss operation, the doctor says that Naresh has a rare disorder where his blood cells react to fat in a very aggressive way. What happened to the mosquito? Will a small kid choose a very obese guy like Laddu Babu as a husband for his single but very beautiful mother? There are many such illogical scenes in the movie.

There is absolutely no entertainment in the film. Allari Naresh’s fans will be sorely disappointed as there is no light hearted comedy that is found in Naresh’s films.

The film is excessively long and half an hour could have been chopped off from the movie easily.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is ok. Chakri’s songs do not help the film in any way and background music is also very average. Dialogues do not have the required punch.

Ravi Babu’s direction is a big disappointment. The film does not have the high technical values that are usually found in Ravi Babu’s films.

Verdict :

Laddu Babu is a disappointing film that will not work at the Box Office. People expect light hearted comedy and fast paced storytelling in Allari Naresh’s films and these things cannot be found here. The disappointing story line and illogical screenplay spoil the experience further.


123telugu Rating – 2.25/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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