Review : Lucky – Story of a lady hater
Published on Nov 1, 2012 9:00 pm IST
Release date: 01 Nov 2012 Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Hari
Producer :Raja Rajeswari,Srinivas Reddy
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Starring : Srikanth,Meghana Raj

Hero Srikanth gained a decent family hero image with hits like ‘Pelli Sandhadi’, ‘Ahwanam’, ‘Taj Mahal’ etc. It has been a while since he scored a good solo hit and his latest release ‘Lucky’ is yet another attempt in that direction. Hari is the director of this movie.

Story :

Lakshmi Narayana alias Lucky (Srikanth) works in a travel agency and he is a person who hates women. He basically thinks that they do not understand men and their feelings and always look out for their own interests instead.

In a sudden twist of fate, Lucky gains the ability to read women’s minds. This new ability makes him even more angry in the initial days, when he starts finding out things he should not. But with the help of a senior psychologist Dr. Sathya (Geetha), he slowly starts understanding women and develops good feelings towards them.

In a parallel thread to story, some terrorists try to bring about destruction in Hyderabad and Lucky must stop them also. How Lucky succeeds in all this is the story of the movie.

Plus Points :

Srikanth is used to these kind of roles and he has done a neat job. He also sang one song in the movie. His expressions as someone who hates women to the core are nice. Meghana Raj is homely and she looks nice.

Veteran actress Geetha has a very brief role in this movie and she is dignified. First half of movie is decent and there is some entertainment.

Roja steals the show as a tough boss who demands impossible things out of her employees. The way she picks on Srikanth is entertaining.

Minus Points :

The story has many references to Mel Gibson’s ‘What Women Want’. While that part of the story is ok, the concept of Lucky trying to stop the terrorists is not natural and deviates from the main story.

Emotional scenes, where Lucky tries to understand his family members and his wife, should have been handled better for more effectiveness. Brahmanandam’s comedy track does not fit the movie and it is a distraction

Climax scenes are very silly and should have been better. In the end, Lucky loses the power to read women’s minds and instead, gains power to read the minds of birds. How did the director even accept such a concept?

There is nothing in the second half to keep interest and entertainment factors alive.

Technical Aspects :

Sai Karthik’s music and background score are assets to the movie. Cinematography by Srinivas Reddy is ok. Editing could have been better. Dialogues are just about average.

Director Hari has handled the mind reading part of the story decently but he loses the plot completely with the terrorist part of the story. It should have been avoided altogether.

Verdict :

Lucky has some nice moments, but overall, it is not very entertaining. The movie has too many distractions and treatment is also pretty old. Srikanth needs to wait for some more time to score a hit at the Box Office. Watch this movie only if you have nothing else to do. Rating – 2.5 / 5

Reviewed by Ashok Reddy M
(translated by emmess)

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