Review : Mem Vayasuku Vacham – Routine Love Story
Release date: 23 June 2012 Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Producer : B Venu Gopal ,Kedari Lakshman
Music Director : Sekhar Chandra
Starring: Tanish, Neethi Taylor

Tanish,the child artist turned hero, has now come up with ‘Mem Vayasuku Vacham’ and Niti Taylor is the heroine of this movie along with Madalasa Sharma. Nakkina Trinadha Rao is the director of the movie and this film has released today. Let us see how it is

Story :

Lucky (Tanish) falls in love with Khushi (Madalasa Sharma) and the feeling is reciprocated by Khushi. As their love deepens, they decide to get married and a nice romantic track ensues. Khushi is a very possessive girl and she becomes very angry when she sees the photo of a beautiful lady in Lucky’s wallet. She confronts Lucky over this and Lucky concedes that he had a romantic involvement with the woman in the past. She happens to be Dil (Niti Taylor) and she is Lucky’s classmate in college.

During those days, Lucky falls in love with her and when he expresses his feelings, she rejects him coolly. Lucky asks her to spend three days with him to give him a lifetime of memories and Dil agrees. As expected, Dil falls in love with Lucky and that is where things get complicated. What happens to their love story? Why does Lucky decide to marry Khushi? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Tanish has done a decent job with this movie and the role suits his body language His performances in emotional scenes are mature and balanced. Niti Taylor is a good find and she is going to appeal big time to young people. She also has decent acting skills and she can make a good impact as a heroine in future.

Madalasa Sharma is ok and she has a limited role. She provides a good glamour show in a song. Veteran actor/director Bhagyaraj is seen in this movie and his performance is good. He brings a certain quality to the film with his presence. Rama Prabha and Kashi Viswanadh are just about ok. The actors who played the role of the hero’s friends have done a decent job.

The first half of the film has some decent comedy and the movie goes at a decent pace. Interval episode is nice.

Minus Points:

The second half of the film is a big letdown. The story does not move forward convincingly here and the director’s grip on the story slackens. The pre-climax sequences are very artificial and appear forced. They are not convincing and the audience will find it hard to connect emotionally.

The college romantic track has not been handled well and the proceedings are very boring at times. The songs are not too good and their placement in the film is very bad.

The voice used to dub for Niti Taylor does not suit her persona at all. The concept of love between people of two different religions is good, but it has not been capitalized upon effectively.

The story is very routine and there is nothing new for movie lovers. Many scenes can be predicted, especially in the second half.

Technical Aspects :

Dialogues written by Nivas are very good and they make a good impression. Sai Sri Ram’s cinematography is pretty good and the visuals are attractive. Sekhar Chandra’s background score is good and the song ‘Vellipoke’ has good music. Apart from that, the other songs are not too impressive. The director falters in the second half,but since it is his debut film, it can be considered a decent effort.

Verdict :

Mem Vayasuki Vacham is a very routine love story .Tanish and Niti Taylor deliver good performances and there is some comedy in the first half. A dragged out second half and slow pace of narration disappoint. If you like low budget films and do not have any other flicks to catch this weekend, you may attempt to watch this one. Rating : 2.75/5

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Reviewed by Ashok Reddy M.
(Translated by Emmess)

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