Review : Swamy Ra Ra – Decent Watch
swamy-ra-ra Release date : 23 March 2013 Rating : 3/5
Director : Sudhir Varma
Producer : Chakri Chigurupati
Music Director : Sunny MR
Starring : Nikhil, Swati, Pooja Ramachandran..

Nikhil, who rose to fame with Shekhar Kammula’s Happy days, did not see too much success after that film. This time around he and Swati have teamed up with director Sudheer Varma for the suspense crime thriller Swamy Ra Ra. The trailers and music created a good buzz for the movie. Let us see how it fares.


The movie starts off with a precious Ganesh idol being stolen from the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram. The value of the idol is priceless and it starts moving on from one hand to the other. Slowly, big gangsters get involved and try to con each other for the idol. On the other hand, Surya(Nikhil) is a pickpocket artist who along with his group of three, does small time robberies to for his survival.

One day Surya happens to meet Swati(Swati) a journalist and becomes good friends with her. The precious Ganesh idol, after moving through numerous hands, accidentally lands in Swati’s hand bag. Hell breaks out as the evil gangster(Ravi Babu) comes to know about this and comes after Swati and Surya. Rest of the story is about how Surya and Swati manage to face the gangsters and come out of the tricky situations successfully.

Plus Points:

The movie has good and stylish visuals. Nikhil impresses with his new look and completely surrenders to the director. He carries the role of a sophisticated thief well. His body language, dialogue delivery and screen presence have vastly improved with this film. Swati gives an honest performance as always and she is at her bubbliest best.

Ravi Babu is apt for the role of a gangster and does his role effortlessly. The first half of the movie is swiftly narrated and the story builds up nicely. The opening shots of the movie featuring Jogi brothers are nice.

Swamy Ra Ra has a realistic feel to it and never side tracks from what it wants to achieve. Pooja and Jeeva are apt for their roles.

Minus Points:

The flow of the movie gets painfully slow some times, especially in the second half. The movie should have been trimmed a little to speed up things.

Some scenes and chases have been needlessly dragged out and they affect the pace of the movie. The climax is not up to the mark and it could have been handled better.

Cinematic liberties have been taken in the second half as the makers have tried to make the film funny and that is where the film loses it charm.

The movie’s appeal may strictly be limited to A centers and multiplexes. The ‘commercial elements’ which B and C center crowds expect in Telugu movie are missing.

Technical Aspects:

Swamy Rara is technically a very strong film. The film has a fresh look. Cinematography by Richard Prasad is excellent and the slow motion shots look very stylish. Background score is the highlight of the movie. It is fresh, peppy and lends good support to the film. Music is cool and the film has some peppy tracks. The title track is particularly good and has been shot excellently. Music Director Sunny seems promising.

Sudheer Varma does a decent job as a director. He has stuck to his plot and largely succeeds in getting the narration right. With some care in the second half, the film would have been so much better.


On the whole, Swamy Ra Ra is a decent crime thriller which has its highs and lows. Innovative sequences, great visuals and some edgy moments are plus points. On the flip side, a very slow pace and a less than perfect climax go against the film. Swamy Ra Ra is worth a watch. Rating – 3/5

Reviewed by Avad M


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