6 Million Euros worth insurance for Endhukante Premanta!

Filmmakers often take extraordinary measures to capture what they want on camera. There have been instances where producers and directors have spent a bomb just to get a shot or two. A Karunakaran seems to have done just for his next film Endhukante Premanta.

Ram and Tamannaah are playing lead roles in the film. After completing a major schedule in Geneva, the film is currently being shot in Paris. Ram tweeted saying, “We shot a scene on a platform which apparently has the most magnificent view of Eiffel Tower.

(But) We had to pay for an insurance coverage of 6 Million Euros to get the permission to take couple of shots. But totally worth it! First time on Telugu screen.” Karunakaran’s last film Darling was shot in Switzerland and lensman I Andrew captured breathtaking views of the lakes and mountains near Interlaken, Switzerland. We’ll have to wait and see what he has captured in Paris which has forced Ram to boast about the shot.

GV Prakash is composing the music and Kona Venkat has written the script. Sravanthi Ravi Kishore is producing the film on Sravanthi Movies banner.