Bifurcation comes as a blessing in disguise for small films

As the popular saying goes that every coin has two sides,Similarly bifurcation of state is affecting one section of the people while the other section is unperturbed by its effects.Its the same case with the film industry,While the big budget producers are facing losses due to the unexpected postponement of their films,The small budget producers are trying to make a quick buck thanks to the large number of theatres which were booked to release big heroes films are now available for low budget movies to screen their movies.As a result,Small movies are getting maximum number of theatres based on the buzz surrounding a particular project.Its quite evident from the fact that the last two weeks has witnessed a massive release of ten low budget movies which is unheard of in recent times and few of them are generating good revenues too.Even the audience are facing a severe dearth of movies at the box office and hence any movie with a promising content is raking in huge moolah.We will have to wait and see how long this situation is going to continue.