Box Office Baburao’s Panjaa Gyaan

Hello Folks.Box Office Baburao is coming back to talk to you all about Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa.

He will be interacting with all of you in a live chat session where you can post queries, get the latest updates regarding the movie and ask him for snippets about Panjaa.

He will tell you which theaters are running with packed crowds and how the audience is reacting. There will be lots of stuff during the live chat session where videos, news and wallpapers will be posted Talk to him, question him,and follow him.

He will be your comprehensive source for all the information you want about your favourite movie and your favourite star. Box Office Baburao will be live and ready to field your questions from 8:45 am on December 9th, so get ready.

Note : This character is just for fun and is not based on any real life person either living or dead