Chaitanya Krishna rejects seven films for Kaalicharan

Actors make a lot of sacrifices in their career for doing a film which they truly believe in and sometimes this includes forgoing several films. Chaitanya Krishna seems to have done something like that for his upcoming film Kaalicharan. Sri Prawin has directed and produced the film. Chaitanya Krishna revealed that he had to reject as many as seven films since he had signed to play the lead role in Kaalicharan. He was asked to grow his hair and beard to suit the role and the actor ended up spending nearly 10 months to get into proper shape.

“Sri Prawin’s attention to detail shocked me. He insisted that I should sport long hair in the film and I had to work a lot on my look in this film. Sometimes the director used to call me to his office to just check my hair. But the final result was amazing,” Chaitanya Krishna said. The film also stars Chandini, Pankaj Kesari and Kavitha Srinivasan. Nandan Raj has scored the music. Currently, the film’s post production is going on and it is expected to hit the screens later this month