Comedy went mainstream in 2011

Not too long comedy was a parallel track in many movies. The only objective, for the comedians, was to provide respite to the audience from conflicting emotions unfolding on the screen. In present-day movies comedy is main stream. Tollywood producers are taking entertainment literally to mean “make people laugh”. So among the nava rasas, comedy has emerged the undisputed king. The significance of the trend can be gauged by the fact that there are comedy-centric heroes in almost every tier in Tollywood. In the A tier, you have Mahesh and NTR Jr; who are blessed with an immaculate sense of comic timing. Dookudu and Brindavanam had them play lead roles that elicited as many laughs as the comedians did. Pawan, his recent movies notwithstanding, is no push over either. In the next tier, Ravi Teja holds the aces. Spontaneity is his strength. Allari Naresh follows in tier C. When these heroes sit for story sessions or read scripts they are requesting directors and script writers to pack the pages with punch dialogues and sassy one-liners that will have the audience wanting for more.