Cops consider rescheduling late night shows on 31 Dec

Late night movie shows on 31 December night might face a rescheduling issue if the city cops have their way. In an attempt to curb over enthusiastic revelers the city cops , it is learnt, are contemplating asking theater owners in the twin cities to reschedule their screenings so as to wrap up the last show before midnight. After the rise in road accidents the city police are taking a stringent view on traffic violators. Party goers who are caught driving home under the influence of liquor will have their driving licenses revoked. The police are also advising late night movie goers to preserve ticket stubs so that the same can be shown as proof when demanded by vigilant cops. While rescheduling might not pose a problem for regular theaters, the multiplexes will have a tough time doing so, because of multiple screens and related logistics. The last time a rescheduling of a similar nature was done was in 2007.