Dil Raju’s unique promotion for Vellipomakey

26th, August 2017 - 02:30:08 PM

It’s well-known that hotshot producer Dil Raju is releasing a small film titled Vellipomakey. The film stars newcomers Vishwak Sen, Supraja and Swetha as the main leads and it is releasing on September 2nd.

Interestingly, Dil Raju is organizing a special free premiere of Vellipomakey at Prasad Labs on August 27 at 6 pm. Movie connoisseurs can watch the film for free. This is a new trend in pre-release promotions, and if the film generates good talk from this special show, the openings on the release day will be decent.

Ali Mohammed has directed Vellipomakey and Prashant Vihari has composed the music. KV Raghav Reddy, Ali Mohammed and Puri Bala Raju have produced the film.