Director Sunil Reddy back with yet another youth centric movie

Sunil Reddy is one director of this generation who makes hard hitting movies on the negative aspects of the society.Although his earlier film “Oka Romantic Crime Katha” went on to become a decent hit,He received a lot of flak for his portrayal of students in bad light.However criticism doesn’t seem to deter this director from making such hard hitting films.When contacted by an English daily he was quoted saying that “I don’t care criticism and like to deal with topical issues in my films.I showcase the darker side of life because i don’t like pushing it under the carpet and pretend that its non existent”.Speaking further about his film he was quoted saying “I cant reveal the subject right now but it revolves around the attitudes of the new generation for sure”.This new movie is tentatively titled “Waiting for you” with Sai Anil,Gayatri and Ravi playing the lead roles.Only time has to tell even if this movie will also be surrounded by controversies like his earlier films or not.