Exclusive : Eega 2 idea being explored by team Rajamouli

11th, July 2012 - 01:16:10 AM

After the unanimous and overwhelming success of the film ‘Eega’, the makers of the movie and team Rajamouli are reportedly considering the idea of making a sequel. Apparently, the idea came up during a recent meeting and a feasibility study is being conducted about the same. While the idea is still a very early stage, both D.Suresh Babu and Sai Korrapati are said to be extremely pleased with the idea of a sequel.

With a 3D release planned later this year and Rajamouli’s next commercial commitment in the works, it will be interesting to see where “Eega 2′ might fit into the scheme of things. For now, we are excited by the prospect of ‘Eega 2’. What do you say folks?