Famous musician lashes out at TV serials

7th, February 2017 - 05:05:16 PM

TV serials are a part and parcel of our lives. The entire women folks are glued to these serials on a daily basis and it is a common practice for the producers of such shows to use some of the latest Tollywood songs in these serials.

But looks like things have got out of hand as many music directors are crying foul about such activities of these television serials. One among such music directors is R P Patnaik, who has strongly decided to take action against these so-called shows.

Speaking aggressively at a press conference today, RP Lashed out at various makers saying that they are using songs from their films which are not even released to date. RP reveals that a particular serial called ‘Atto Attamma Kuturo’ has used a song from one of his upcoming film Tulasidalam which has not even released to date.

RP warned the television industry and said that he will drag all those who are behind this to the court and will not spare anyone who does such activities in the future aswell.