I can’t speak in front of him: Devi Sri Prasad

5th, September 2013 - 11:05:19 PM


Devi Sri Prasad is one of the busiest music directors of the younger lot and has delivered good hits this year too. Very few people know that world famous Mandolin Sreenivas is Devi’s guru and has high respect for him. Speaking on the occasion of Teachers day Devi said to a Telugu daily Sakshi that “I joined Mandolin Srinivas when I was in my 3rd standard and travelled with him for ten years. Rather than a guru he used to treat me as a friend and I have learnt a lot from him apart from music. I can speak to anybody in this world but when I am in front of my guru I can’t utter a single word that is the kind of respect i have for him”.

Speaking further Devi said he always dreamt to make his guru Mandolin Sreenivas play for a tune composed by him and said that his guru had recently liked his composition “Kevvu Keka” and complimented him that he had done a great work which made him really happy.