I carry a weighing machine with me: Charmi

Punjabi beauty Charmi is desperately waiting for a hit film. It has been a while since she has got a decent hit in Tollywood.Recently when a Telugu daily Eenadu quizzed her about her pastime during shooting breaks she has reportedly said “I need to put down a lot of weight. Because of that I carry a weighing machine with me. Instead of limiting my diet and sleeping I try to reduce my weight during breaks. Apart from that I browse a lot, I am just addicted to Internet, Of course I don’t use social networking sites much, But I do use my mail a lot and I get connected to my fans through mail. I also chat with them once in a while. I make it a point to reply to everybody who mails me. I do have the habit of practicing useful advices given by my fans”.

Adding further she said “When I am alone I keep dreaming that I need to get settled on Moon and become a good actress there, As a matter of fact I feel that if at all Tollywood shifts base to Moon it gets a new name too”. It’s kind of strange to get such dreams, but we have to appreciate the unconventional thinking and dreaming of Charmi.