I keep fans in mind before choosing a film : Mahesh Babu

10th, August 2012 - 09:17:27 AM

Superstar Mahesh Babu says that he keeps fans in mind before choosing and okaying a project. What makes his following unique is the fact that he is adored by many segments of the audience. Girls dream about a boyfriend like him, guys cautiously try to be like him and he is the envy of middle aged men and a hero of middle aged women. The older generation loves him for his action and comparably clean language on the screen. How does he do it?

He says “I choose movies keeping in mind my image and the expectations of fans and admirers.But I also change my action style to keep it fresh. In ‘Khaleja’, i changed my timing and dialogue delivery. In ‘Dookudu’, it was a casual performance. ‘Businessman’ was again intense. Actors need to keep having makeovers”.

Mahesh Babu’s is also excited about his multistarrer with Victory Venkatesh. “The fact that the story can carry two heroes is enough testimony for its strength” he says.