I will lend support to small producers : Mohan Babu


Mohan Babu lashed out at the newly formed ‘Producers Syndicate’ and warned that those who are vying for a false prestige and personal gains without clearing debts of the financiers will see the end of their careers in a short span of time. He said that he will stand by the side of small producers and strive for them to sort out their issues. He also said that no one will be spared in this issue and Telugu film industry is not related to any one particular individual or a group to behave as they like.

Last week, veteran producer Thammareddy Bharadwaj has also raised his voice over the producer’s syndicate for their alleged misbehavior in tarnishing the name of ‘Producers Council’. It is well known that a group of 11 producers have formed into a syndicate under ‘Associated Producers of Telugu Film Industry’ .