Lakshmi Manchu is angry!

2nd, October 2012 - 02:15:31 AM

Lakshmi Manchu usually comes across as a soft spoken and cheerful lady. She is known to get along well with most people in the industry. But she is very angry now. And the reason for her anger happens to be a Tamil Film. Apparently, a Tamil film with the name ‘Puduvai Managaram’ has used Tapsee’s pictures from ‘Gundello Godaari’ without authorization in their posters. Lakshmi says that she will take stringent legal action against the offenders.

“My legal team will be taking severe legal action against the producers of that Tamil movie. We worked so hard to get Tapsee’s look right in the movie and they just blatantly copied it for use in their posters. It is not fair”, she said.

Lakshmi also went on to say that ‘Gundello Godaari’ will release in the first week of November. “The movie has come out really well and I must thank Ilayaraja garu for a terrific soundtrack. The audio launch will take place in two weeks time and the movie will release in the first week of November”, she said.