Lakshmi Manchu says Tollywood has changed for the better

In an interview to a leading English daily, Lakshmi Manchu recalled the times when fans protested the cine forays of Supriya (Akkineni’s grand daughter) and Manjula (daughter of Krishna). She said things thankfully have changed. Lakshmi who is currently working in Department and also in her home production ” Oo Kodathara Ulikki Padathara” says these are exciting times to be in the media business. The TV show producer also adds that she continues to amazed by the power and reach of television. Lakshmi also thanked audiences for accepting her in both TV and on the silver screen. On the personal front too, Lakshmi said that she was has having the time of her life after becoming an aunt to her brother Vishnu’s twins. She thanked Ramu for encouraging her as an artiste and said that she received Ramu’s offer via an SMS. The actress also revealed that she has ambitious plans on the Telly front, and is very much looking forward to 2012 to t them rolling.