Nara Rohith’s ‘Okkadine’ in September

11th, August 2012 - 01:27:23 PM

Nara Rohith’s ‘Okkadine’ is gearing up for a release in the first week of September. Srinivas Raga is the movie’s director and he is confident about the film. “Rohith will be playing the role of Surya who falls in love with this beautiful girl. When she walks, her grace is as beautiful as a peacock. When she speaks, her voice is melodious like a Cuckoo bird. Although brought up in a foreign country, this girl resembles the perfect traditional Telugu girl. He decides to spend the rest of his life with her, but he encounters many interesting situations. He becomes a loner in trying to make his love successful but he does not want to leave the love and attachment that he has for his family. You will have to wait and see on the screen what trouble he goes through to achieve both of these things”, says Srinivas Raga.

The charming Nitya Menon is playing the lead role opposite Rohith in this movie and C.V. Reddy is the producer. The post production work of the film is currently going on and most of the shooting is already complete.