Nothing wrong in hiking remuneration : Jagapathi Babu

Jagapathi Babu is enjoying a new phase in his career. After languishing on the sidelines for many years as a fading hero, he is now back in demand as a character actor and a villain. After the success of ‘Legend’, Jagapathi Babu’s market value shot up tremendously.

Apparently, Jagapathi Babu has sharply hiked his remuneration now, after the success of ‘Legend’. When asked about this in an interview given to ‘Eenadu’, Jagapathi Babu had this to say. “Nothing wrong in taking more money. All these years, I gave out money. Atleast now, let me take in some money. This is a new phase in my career and I am enjoying it to the fullest. I used to have worries about my film releases and I used to pay money just to get them released. I don’t have those problems now”, he said.

The actor will be seen in a host of films this year and a Bollywood entry is also on the cards.