Possible Twitter ban angers celebrities

21st, August 2012 - 05:28:32 PM

The Government of India is considering legal action against Twitter for failing to comply with its requests over censorship of sensitive tweets. Twitter, which does not have offices in India, has not responded to the Government’s requests of censorship and this has caused a lot of anger in New Delhi. Government sources are also considering a possible blockade of the service if all measures fail. The help of the US Homeland Department is also being sought to bring pressure on Twitter.

This news has angered a lot of celebrities across the nation and many are up in arms against such a decision. Actor Siddharth, who is very vocal in such matters, has been one of the first to respond ” To all Indians who wondered what it must have been like to live under a power crazy person in a state of emergency…fasten your seat belts!!!”

Let us hope that the Government does not resort to such an extreme step as Freedom of Speech is a Fundamental Right guaranteed by our constitution.