Protests against Om Namo Venkatesaya’s title

After delivering classic devotional hits such as Annamayya, Sriramadasu and Shirdi Saibaba, successful actor-director duo Nagarjuna-K Raghavendra Rao is coming up with yet another devotional film, Om Namo Venkatesaya. The film is releasing on February 10th amid huge expectations.

But in an unexpected twist, a group of tribal leaders from Karimnagar are protesting against the film’s title. Claiming that Hathiram Baba was a tribal, the protestors questioned the makers’ intention to name the film after Lord Venkateswara when the movie was based on Hathiram Baba and demanded a change in the film’s title.

The demand has witnessed mixed reactions as the protestors chose to stay silent all these days and decided to cause hurdles when the movie’s result is just 4 days away. Let’s hope that the issue is resolved amicably.