R. Narayana Murthy’s ‘People’s War’ in September

R. Narayana Murthy is known for highlighting the pains of the common man in the society with his films. He is now all set to bring us his next venture, ‘People’s War’, on the 6th of September. Murthy gave a brief outline of the story “The farmer does not have any land left for himself. The common worker does not have a dependable job to feed himself and his family. The existence of values in our society is questionable. All this is being done by administrators in the name of ‘progress’. People in a district get together and decide to challenge the administration in this battle for justice”.

Srihari and Posani Krishna Murali hold key roles in this movie. Murthy is the producer and director of this movie and when asked what inspired the story he said “This story is inspired from the struggle of people in Sompet and Kakarapalli who are opposing the construction of a thermal power plant in their area. Srihari is playing the role of Gunna Joga Rao who lost his life in the struggle”.