Reports on Akkineni brothers cause a huge stir

Over the past few months, there have been several gossips and rumours surrounding the Akkineni young hero Naga Chaitanya’s personal life. Rumours have it that Chay is seeing his co-star Samantha and that the couple will get engaged soon. Interestingly, Chay nether denied nor confirmed these reports.

Even as the rumours on Chay’s love life continue to make headlines, the latest reports about Chay’s brother Akhil Akkineni confirming that he is seeing a Hyderabad-based designer and that he has already introduced the girl to his parents and got their consent have created a huge stir in Tollywood circles and among the fans.

Even Akhil has not responded to the reports about his relationship so far. We will have to wait until the Akkineni brothers finally decide to open up about their love lives, before the rumours spread like wildfire.