RGV does the unexpected, apologizes

It is very rarely that eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma shows remorse for his audacious and often insensitive tweets that irk many. But in a totally unexpected move, RGV apologized to everyone who is offended by his controversial tweets on Women’s Day.

Last night, RGV took to his Twitter profile and said he was just expressing his feelings and that he apologizes to all who were offended due to his unintended insensitive tweets. However, RGV was quick to add that his apology was only to those who were genuinely offended and not to those who threatened to take law into their hands.

It is well-known that RGV invited the ire of an NCP MLA named Jitendra Awhad from Maharashtra, who demanded RGV to take back his comments and apologize and even threatened to take the law into his own hands.