RGV to make ‘Sarkar 3’?

If the ongoing buzz is to be believed, eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma may soon return to Bollywood for ‘Sarkar 3’, to complete a trilogy of the powerful family-political drama ‘Sarkar’ and ‘Sarkar 2’. The shooting of this film will commence soon after RGV finishes all his current projects, including ‘Killing Veerappan’ which will be launched today.

Both ‘Sarkar’ and ‘Sarkar 2’ were phenomenal hits and showcase what RGV is capable of, given the right cast and a strong script. Both these films had Amitabh Bachchan playing Sarkar, a powerful man who runs a parallel government in Maharashtra. It can be expected that Big B will reprise his role in the third film of the franchise.

Fans of RGV are eagerly awaiting the official confirmation of the film and they all are hoping that the genius will make a strong comeback with this film.